Jean Boulle MedTech was the founding investor of Tendyne Holdings, Inc. which developed one of the most promising Transcatheter mitral valve implant devices in existence today.

Structural heart conditions affect millions of adults and thousands of new-borns each year. The structural heart medical device market represents the largest, fastest-growing cardiovascular device market opportunity today.

Implanted in a beating heart, the Tendyne valve enables a significantly less invasive procedure to mitral valve treatment than open heart surgery. Left untreated, mitral regurgitation can lead to heart failure and death.

Tendyne undertook clinical trials in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia in 2015 as part of its multi-centre global feasibility study on the safety and performance of the Tendyne valve.

In September 2015 the Jean Boulle Group announced that Abbott Laboratories had acquired Tendyne from Boulle Medtech and others for US$250 million in cash plus future payments tied to regulatory milestones. The remaining contracted milestone which are to be paid to Tendyne Holdings, Inc by Abbott Laboratories are US$50 million upon C.E Mark approval and US$100 million following F.D.A approval.

The valve was successfully tested in 2019 as part of a feasibility trial in January 2020 the Tendyne valve received CE Mark approval from the European Union.