Case Study

The Jean Boulle Group (“the Group”) has been involved with the Corporate Council on Africa  (“CCA”) since its creation in 1993 to promote business and investment between the United States and the different nations of Africa.

Throughout this time the Group has been represented on the CCA Board and in February 2021 Mr Jean-Raymond Boulle became a CCA Board member himself.

In addition to providing the CCA Board with
his considerable and specific knowledge of trade and investment between the United States and the nations of Africa, the Group has awarded additional support to the CCA by sponsoring the 2022 US-Africa Business Summit which took place in Marrakech, Morocco from July 19th to the 22nd.

Gathering more than a thousand participants including African Heads of State and US Senior Officials and representing over 65 countries, the Summit allowed for the strengthening of commercial relations between the developing nations of Africa and the world’s largest economy.


Mr Boulle was a prime mover in the creation of America’s primary governing law on trade with Africa: The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (“AGOA”), enacted in 2000. After completing its initial 15-year period of validity, the AGOA legislation was extended on 29 June 2015 by a further 10 years, to 2025. The CCA uniquely represents a broad cross-section of member companies from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals as well as U.S. and African firms.