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Jean Boulle Medtech Ltd. is active in a wide range
of medical technologies.


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If you look closely at the geometric heart in the logo you will see a diamond-shaped octahedron overlay which repeats to create the “flower of life” symbol. The logo combines the elements of diamonds (the Jean Boulle Group’s first initiative), the heart and the tri-leaflet pattern from its first life-saving medical technology project (Tendyne), and the flower of life (symbolizing the focus of Jean Boulle Medtech – saving and improving the quality of people’s lives).


Jean Boulle Medtech has also founded VDYNE LLC, a medical device company developing several devices including a tricuspid replacement valve and repair technology for a person’s natural tricuspid valve. VDYNE is also in negotiations for the investment in or acquisition of additional technologies which, for reasons of of confidentiality, cannot be further disclosed at this time. VDYNE has a patented tricuspid replacement device that is in the development stage and will soon be going into animal trials.


Tendyne Holdings, Inc. developed one of the most promising Transcatheter mitral valve implant (“TMVI”) devices in existence today. The Tendyne TMVI is a fully-retrievable and repositionable, apically-tethered tri-leaflet porcine pericardial valve sewn onto a Nitinol (nickel/titanium composite) frame. It has specifically been designed to address the complex mitral anatomy of functional, degenerative and mixed aetiology mitral regurgitation. When left untreated, mitral regurgitation can lead to heart failure and death. When implanted in a beating heart, the Tendyne valve has proprietary and patented features that permit a significantly less invasive procedure to mitral valve treatment than open-heart surgery. This life-saving device currently is in worldwide clinical trials in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia at renowned hospitals such as Baylor’s Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital in Dallas, Texas; the Minneapolis Heart Institute and Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota; the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, England; and St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Australia, among others. Tendyne and the hospitals are reporting positive outcomes. Jean Boulle Medtech was the founding investor of Tendyne and helped guide the company through its many stages of development. In 2012 and 2014 respectively, Jean Boulle Medtech welcomed Abbott Laboratories and Apple Tree Partners as Tendyne’s other major investors. Abbott acquired Tendyne in September 2015. The Tendyne valve is currently undergoing large-scale human trials for CE Mark and FDA approval.

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Jean Boulle Medtech is the anchor founding investor in NanoPhagix LLC, which is developing a patented nanoparticle drug treatment for atherosclerosis. The drug is designed to directly target rupture-prone plaques inside the vessel walls of the human circulatory system to reduce vessel inflammation. That should in turn reduce the narrowing of the vessel and the risk of plaque cap rupture, either or both of which events can result in blood clots, heart attack, stroke or other organ damage. The drug is currently undergoing animal trials.

Confidentiality and protection of proprietary technologies limit the information that can currently be provided, but more information will be made available as soon as circumstances permit it. Jean Boulle Medtech welcomes enquiries from those seeking financial and technical expertise to develop technologies that saves lives or improves the quality of life.

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The Jean Boulle Group acquires promising assets and projects, then optimizes their structure, management and development with private and public investment.

The Jean Boulle Group has been a member of the US Corporate Council on Africa since the Council’s inception.


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