Today, around 550 million people live with a heart or cardiovascular disease, which represents 1 out of 14 people worldwide (British Heart Foundation).

Improving these lives though medical progress relies upon active investors such as Jean Boulle Group to identify opportunities, make investment, assemble scientific teams and complete the clinical trials required to develop new devices.

Jean Boulle MedTech’s first investment in cardiac medical devices was Tendyne Holdings, Inc., a medical equipment company which developed a ‘first-in-class’ transcatheter mitral valve implant (“TMVI”) device that treats the widest-spread form of heart valve disease and in the US.

As lead investor, the Group attracted large scale co-investment which allowed the technology to develop further and enter commercialisation and international roll out.

Jean Boulle Medtech developed a second cardiac technology called VDYNE, Inc., to develop a minimally invasive transcatheter replacement triscupid valve. The device has the potential to significantly improve or save the lives of people affected by triscupid regurgitation (“TR”).

TR impacts 1.6 million people in the US and only 8,000 are treated surgically. At present, there are currently no approved non-invasive treatments for TR.

In 2021 VDyne closed a $21 million which included both existing and new investors including a large, global medical device company.

A year later, the Jean Boulle Group Jean Boulle Medtech’s proprietary VDYNE heart valve technology received a US$47 million cash investment from a new major strategic investor.


Tendyne Holdings – Jean Boulle Medtech was the founding investor in Tendyne Holdings, Inc. which developed one of the most promising Transcatheter mitral valve implant devices in existence today. Implanted in a beating heart, the Tendyne™ valve enables a significantly less invasive procedure to mitral valve treatment than open heart surgery. In September 2015 the Jean Boulle Group announced that Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) acquired Tendyne™ from Boulle Medtech and others for US$250 million in cash plus future payments tied to regulatory milestones.
VDYNE LLC – Jean Boulle Medtech founded VDYNE, a medical device company focused on developing transcatheter replacement valves to treat patients suffering from tricuspid regurgitation.