Jean Boulle Luxury was the founding investor of Alûstre which created, launched and delivered a new range of beauty products in the super-premium category.

Alûstre is a luxury brand exploring diamond-inspired possibilities within the world of beauty. Launched by CEO Hans Hornemann and his team in March 2023, the Copenhagen-based company has introduced a range of nail and hand products using its signature Alûstre DiamondInfused © innovation.

Each bottle of Alûstre nail polish contains a quarter of a carat of ethically sourced diamonds. The company also has its own collection of perfumes, with each fragrance crafted to translate a diamond’s reflective colour spectrum into one-of-a-kind scents. The result is a product range that is the essence of luxurious self-care.

Our story and ambition

Nail products are created with our Alûstre DiamondInfused™ technology for top performance efficacy, spectrum-illuminating finishes, and nutrient-rich care.


Nutrient, active ingredient, and Alûstre DiamondInfused™ formulas enrich and fortify hands and nails with visible enhancement and proven efficacy.


One-of-a-kind aromatic compositions crafted to interact with your physicality and fit your individuality.

Make up

Made with a high level of natural ingredients, the collection includes a range of lip products as well as three face powders with diamond-enhanced
textures that illuminate the wearer’s unique beauty