Boulle luxury creates, invests in and supports the development of emerging luxury brands. We invest in the luxury real estate, hospitality and diamond industries where our interests include the jewellery, beauty, superyacht, automotive and private aviation segments.

The Group’s pioneering work created a new diamond market niche with the establishment of Sun King® Diamond Coating in 2015. The unique aesthetic appearance it discovered was a diamond luminescence created by the multichromatic reflections of natural gem diamonds. The enduring qualities of this diamond coating led to its use by premium brands in the air on land and at sea.

Later, as founders of beauty brand Alûstre, we built a team to create a range of super premium beauty products serving a global clientele.  We nurtured a culture of innovation by investing in market research, brand creation and product development plans. We continue to expand our established markets in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America based on the Alûstre DiamondInfused © signature.

Luxury real estate investments in Africa and the Indian Ocean have been part of the Group portfolio for decades. Today we aim to combine our investment acumen with the realities of social and environmental priorities to sustain responsible businesses in the world’s exceptional locations.


Jean Boulle Luxury was the founding investor of Alûstre which created, launched and delivered a new range of beauty products in the super-premium category.
Jean Boulle Luxury discovered coating techniques using natural diamonds and worked with Akzo Nobel and Rolls Royce to launch its proprietary patented products.
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Lion Camp’s development as one of Africa’s top sustainable tourism destinations reflects its founding principles and the goal of maintaining ecological balance whilst improving the socio-economic status of the local population.
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