Group company Indian Ocean Fields is a major shareholder in Omnicane Limited, a leading producer of sugarcane in Mauritius which also produces renewable energy for the island.

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Refined Sugar

Omnicane owns and manages some 3,000 hectares of land under sugarcane cultivation and around 2,800 hectares are harvested annually. Omnicane produces about 225,000 tonnes of sugarcane per annum.


The electricity exported yearly by our power plants to the national grid of Mauritius represents just under 30% of the annual electricity generated in the country. Furthermore, Omnicane produces 40% of the country’s renewable bagasse-based energy.


The bioethanol distillery can produce up to 24 million litres of bioethanol a year depending on the volume of molasses processed. The bioethanol can be used in pharmaceutical and industrial products as well as a source of biofuel in transportation and power production. The distillery’s by-products of raw gas and concentrated molasses stillage are then further transformed to produce food-grade carbon dioxide and liquid fertilisers respectively. The production capacity of the bio-ethanol distillery is of 80,000 litres a day.