Our Group consists of many diverse businesses which all reflect an approach to an Environmental, Social and Governance model embodied by the following principles:


  • We explore – We make discoveries by being curious and intelligent.
  • We learn – We progress by maintaining the energy and strength needed to inspire, co-operate and deliver change at all times.
  • We share – Sustainability relates as much to building financial resilience as it does to social return.
  • We respect – Responsible behaviour requires respect for all peoples, all nature and all capabilities.
  • We remember – Our past successes and network help us to find and act upon new ideas and to make them succeed.
  • We cooperate – Partnerships with government, community, customers and colleagues are essential to success.
  • We commit – We invest on our own and with other shareholders who share our conviction to deliver long term gain by managing risk and securing licenses to operate and prosper.
  • We care – Our businesses fundamentally impact people which makes us responsible and mindful of our duty of care.
  • We support all stakeholders – We invest time and money to enable others to act and to develop ideas which have the potential to improve our combined future.
  • We persist – In all that we do we are tenacious, thoughtful and patient
  • We conserve – xxxxnatural world, fragile environment, requires funding, skill, patience and commitment.

Case Studies

Saint Brandon – Conservation Research

Working closely with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) to protect the islands’ ecology but also to make them more accessible to Mauritians on a long term, sustainable basis.

Protection of the Mauritius Kestrel

The Mauritius Kestrel was saved from almost certain extinction by hand-rearing the last breeding pair in existence and releasing their chicks into the safety of Jean Boulle Group’s Kestrel Valley.

Mauritian Reptiles

The Jean Boulle Group enabled the emergency rescue of three species of rare reptiles, which might otherwise be facing extinction, following the Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius.