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The Anorthosite resource being developed by Greenland Anorthosite Resources.
The Anorthosite resource being developed by Greenland Anorthosite Resources. 

Jean Boulle Group’s Greenland Anorthosite Mining honoured with the Prospector and Developer of the Year by the Ministry of Mineral Resources

16 June 2022

Greenland Anorthosite Mining A/S is pleased to announce that the Company has been granted the Greenland Prospector and Developer of the Year award by the Ministry of Mineral Resources in Greenland. The award was presented to GAM by the Minster for Minerals and Justice Mr Aqqaluaq B. Egede.

The award, given to companies that demonstrate initiative, innovation and alignment with Greenlandic environmental practice, highlights GAM’s role in identifying and continuing to develop the world’s largest and highest quality anorthosite deposit. The award was presented to GAM during a ceremony held at a reception at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2022 Convention, the premier global mineral exploration and mining event held in Toronto, Canada. 

Claus Stoltenborg, CEO of Greenland Anorthosite Resources A/S, said: 

I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of the Company and its many stakeholders whose commitment has contributed to our progress. Our development has been made possible through our partnership with the governments of Greenland and Denmark, the community, our shareholders and our great technical team.” 

Mr Aqqaluaq B. Egede, Minister of Mineral Resources, Greenland said: 

This award is given in recognition of the progress of the anorthosite project and in appreciation of the contribution to the environment and the interests of Greenland. The Government has continued its support for responsible mineral exploration in Greenland and GAM’s Majoqqap Qaava Anorthosite Project is an example of such development which, while remaining environmentally sustainable, will also contribute to activity, development, and jobs. 

“The award demonstrates GAM’s commitment to Greenland and the contribution it has made to the country’s economic development, whilst supporting the achievement of environmental goals and protecting nature.” 

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About Greenland Anorthosite Mining A/S 

The Company’s anorthosite resource is located in Fiskenæsset on Greenland’s west coast, south of the capital Nuuk. GAM is well advanced in the process of delivering an accelerated programme of initiatives for the grant of a mining license for the Majoqqap Qaava project. The resource is unique in size, and studies conducted by the analytics company ALS and the technical mining consulting company SRK show that the material from Greenland Anorthosite Resources’ mine is of particularly excellent quality with low alkali content, making the raw material particularly attractive for use in fiberglass production. 

The anorthosite material has a wide range of applications including the production of fiberglass, cement, paint and aluminium all over the world. A critical, proven technical advantage of the high quality anorthosite discovered on the Company’s property is that it enables the production of fiberglass and aluminium using processes that are far more environmentally friendly than the normal production methods, which use materials such as kaolin and bauxite. 

The Company’s shareholders include Greenland Venture (established and owned by the Greenlandic Government), SISA (the Greenlandic Pension Fund), Vækstfonden (the Danish State’s investment fund which helps to create more new growth companies by providing both capital and competencies) and several institutional, corporate and private investors co-investing with the Jean Boulle Group. 

The successful exploration, discovery and development by the Company was funded solely by The Jean Boulle Group, whose team has been exploring Greenland for a number of years where it has a number of other Discoveries including battery metals.