Boulle-SEI International Awards nominees confirmed

Press Release Jury Confirm Nominees for Boulle-SEI-International Awards 10 December 2021 The jury has completed its review of scientific candidates for the inaugural Boulle-SEI International Awards (“the Awards”) which recognise outstanding progress in the global life and health sciences. The Boulle-SEI Award Nominees are: 1-Luis Enjuanes, Isabel Sola and Sonia Zuñiga. CSIC, Madrid, Spain.  This…

Launch of Boulle-SEI International Awards

Press Release Launch of Boulle-SEI International Awards for Outstanding Progress in the Field of Life and Health Sciences 26 November 2021 The Jean Boulle Group (“the Group”) and the Spanish Society of Immunology (Sociedad Española de Inmunologia) (“SEI”) are pleased to announce the foundation of the Boulle-SEI International Awards (“the Awards”) which include new scientific prizes that…

Jean Boulle Group Partners with SISA

The Jean Boulle Group is pleased to note the announcement today by Greenland Anorthosite Mining ApS (“GAM” or “the Company”) that the Greenlandic pension fund SISA Pension has invested in the Company. GAM is a mineral exploration and development company which has the potential to become a major supplier to the global fiberglass marketplace.

VDYNE receives major award

VDYNE, INC, Inc. (“VDYNE” or “the Company”), a privately held medical device company founded by Jean Boulle Medtech to develop a transcatheter replacement valve for the treatment of tricuspid regurgitation (“TR”), announced today that it is the co-recipient of the Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions & High-Tech Science Industry World Startup Competition 2020. This award is one of the world’s most significant and prestigious awards for medical interventions (ICI 2020).