The Jean Boulle Group’s Indian Ocean Fields Ltd. is one of the largest shareholders of Omnicane Limited, a leading producer of sugarcane in Mauritius.

Sugarcane Cultivation

Omnicane Agriculture owns and manages some 3,000 hectares of land under sugarcane cultivation and around 2,800 hectares are harvested annually. Omnicane produces about 225,000 tonnes of sugarcane per annum.


Milling Operations

The sugarcane mill at La Baraque annually produces around 135,000 tonnes of Plantation White Sugar for the refinery, 400,000 tonnes of bagasse for our main cogeneration power plant and 45,000 tonnes of molasses for our bioethanol distillery.

Using energy-saving diffuser technology for juice extraction, the sugarcane mill processes 1.3 million tonnes of sugarcane a year and has a daily milling capacity of 8,500 tonnes.

Carbon Burn Out Project – Omnicane

Out of the 70,000 tonnes of residues (coal fly ash and bottom ash) collected annually from three cogeneration power plants, the carbon burn out unit generates 42,000 tonnes for the production of cement additives, 18,000 tonnes for the production of construction aggregates and 10,000 tonnes for the production of steam for the Omnicane cluster.




Bioethanol Distillery – Omnicane

The bioethanol distillery can produce up to 24 million litres of bioethanol a year depending on the volume of molasses processed. The bioethanol can be used in pharmaceutical and industrial products as well as a source of biofuel in transportation and power production. The distillery’s by-products of raw gas and concentrated molasses stillage are then further transformed to produce food-grade carbon dioxide and liquid fertilisers respectively. The production capacity of the bio-ethanol distillery is of 80,000 litres a day.

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